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Welcome to the 2023 Online News Association Conference Suggestion Box! This is your opportunity to help shape ONA23 by letting us know what ideas and topics are important to you. Please note that these suggestions are a virtual brainstorming session; a starting point for discussions with ONA's training staff.

We are looking for sessions to support best practices or innovative ideas for:

  • Audience development and metrics
  • Emerging technology
  • Innovative news storytelling
  • Leadership development
  • Revenue, content strategy, or products

Below are the session formats that resonate most with our community. The application form will guide you through submitting a specific format. For more about tips, session formats and other frequently asked questions, we've created a centralized resource about the Suggestion Box. Please note, we are looking for a mix of every session type. Here are the options to get you started:

  • Best practices - provide takeaways for tips and tricks for improving work; 3 presenters max
  • Case Studies / Under-the-Hood - provide a deep dive into a project, illuminating both successes and challenges; 2 presenters max
  • Learn a skill - workshops that provide a hard skill to take back to newsrooms; 3 facilitators max
  • Masterclass - a solo talk or fireside chat with a topical expert; 2 presenters max
  • Panel - a nuanced dive into a complex topic or challenge; 5 presenters max, including a moderator
  • Research - new information about the latest trends in news; 2 presenters max
  • Solutions gathering - get a group of people together in your network to dive into a current challenge and work to define a solution; 2 facilitators max
  • Template building - collaborate together on a template organizations could use to start a project or initiative, or improve workflows; 2 facilitators max

The deadline for Suggestion Box submissions is Wednesday, March 22, 2022, at 9:00 PM EDT (01:00 UTC). Submissions will be reviewed by our volunteer Program Team: a group of working professionals who recommend topics they deem essential to ONA staff for final decisions. All submitters will receive notification, whether their topic is selected or not, by mid-July.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.