The Online News Association is a nonprofit membership organization for digital journalists, connecting journalism, technology and innovation. 

The 2021 Women’s Leadership Accelerator is an intensive program that supercharges the leadership and management skills of women who are pushing digital innovation. The Accelerator kicks with a week of virtual tailored, immersive programming March 22-27, 2021. ONA provides support and coaching to participants throughout the year; the program culminates with a fall workshop in October. There is no tuition cost or conference registration fee for the program. 

In addition to learning leadership skills and tools for navigating change, participants will focus on a challenge specific to their careers, whether an obstacle to overcome or an aspirational goal to achieve, either within their organizations or as an independent project.

The Accelerator, supported by lead funder, the Dow Jones Foundation, as well as other funders and sponsors, is open to all women working in digital media, including freelancers, entrepreneurs and independent journalists around the world. ONA will screen candidates for potential, need and diversity across ethnicity, age, geography, technology platforms and skill sets. Applications are due by 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, November 30.
Before you get started, please read about the application requirements, which include a letter of recommendation and several short answer questions. Prepare your answers before starting the application. The full application contains five pages of questions.

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